Dog Bite Accidents in New Hampshire

Dog bites are common for New Hampshire residents. They can cause devastating injuries leading to insurmountable medical bills. At Bussiere & Bussiere, we have years of experience representing injured victims of dog bite accidents in New Hampshire. We understand the severity of both the physical and emotional harm that a victim of a violent dog attack endures and will work diligently to pursue legal remedies against the dog owner or other responsible parties for your injuries/damages.

Dog Bite Law in NH

New Hampshire’s dog bite law is a strict liability law (N.H. Rev. Stat. Ann § 466:19.) This means that owners are always automatically responsible for injuries caused by their dogs in the state. The New Hampshire law differs from other states, where a dog is allowed “one free bite.” The only exception to this law is if the injured person was trespassing. Under this strict liability dog bite law, the victim doesn’t have to prove that the owner failed to control their dog or did anything wrong. Dog bite accidents in New Hampshire can be compensated through a personal injury lawsuit.

Compensation for Dog Bite Injuries

A dog bite victim in New Hampshire can recover compensation under this dog bite statute. The statute of limitations limits a victim’s ability to bring a lawsuit after a dog bite. The statute of limitation in NH requires that a personal injury lawsuit is filed within three years of the date of the accident. By hiring a personal injury lawyer for dog bite accidents in New Hampshire, you can ensure that this filing deadline doesn’t lapse. Victims of dog bites may recover damages for medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages/lost earning capacity, and much more. If an individual dies because of an animal attack, the family of the victim can bring forth a lawsuit to recover damages on behalf of a deceased family member.

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If a dog bite has hurt you or a loved one, we can help you to pursue a personal injury lawsuit in New Hampshire. Our years of experience as personal injury lawyers at Bussiere & Bussiere allows us to represent victims of animal attacks. We serve clients in New Hampshire and understand all personal injury law regarding dog bite attacks. Our job is to represent injured victims while they take the necessary time to recover and heal. To learn more about our legal services and to schedule a no-cost legal consultation to discuss dog bite accidents in New Hampshire, call our law office today at 603-622-1002.

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