Delivery Truck Accidents in New Hampshire

Because of changes in the economy, more people than ever are shopping online. This means that delivery trucks are everywhere, and so are delivery truck accidents in New Hampshire. Companies who employ delivery truck drivers are legally responsible for any harm they cause in an accident, yet often, they do not train their drivers adequately, and they may pressure them to complete long delivery routes quickly.  The delivery trucks weave in and out of traffic, while the drivers search for poorly marked addresses using a GPS or similar. They sometimes block traffic or come to sudden stops. This is a recipe for disaster on the road with busy traffic. If you’ve been injured in an accident like this, you need the help of a delivery truck accident attorney in New Hampshire. The law firm of Bussiere and Bussiere has lawyers whose expertise can help you recover compensation from this kind of injury.

Factors Causing Delivery Truck Accidents

If you’ve been hurt by a delivery truck, you should be aware of the factors causing delivery truck accidents. There may be multiple parties who could be held liable for your injuries. Delivery truck companies are responsible for performing needed maintenance on their vehicles, and if the accident was caused by improperly maintained tires or something similar, they could be found negligent. Defective equipment such as faulty brakes may also be a cause.  Delivery companies are also responsible for properly training their drivers and for conducting adequate background checks. Drivers can also be held liable if they disobey traffic safety laws or are speeding. A skilled delivery truck accident attorney in New Hampshire will evaluate your case to look for these factors that point to negligence on the part of the driver or the delivery truck company.

What to Do if Injured in a Delivery Truck Accident

If you’ve had a collision with a delivery truck, you need to know what to do if injured in a delivery truck accident. The first thing to do is to pull off the road and seek medical attention if you or any other passengers are severely injured. Call 911 to notify law enforcement of the accident and to make a written police report. Be sure to get the contact information from others who were involved in the accident, and from any witnesses to the accident who are at the scene. If you have a phone with a camera, take photos of the scene. Keep records of any emergency room visits or medical care that you have received because of the accident. Be sure to contact an expert delivery truck accident attorney in New Hampshire and give him all the details and documentation of your case so that you can pursue fair compensation for your injuries.

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