Commercial Truck Accident Attorneys in New Hampshire

Many of us see huge trucks on the freeway, and we quiver with fear because of their enormous size and momentum. We may try to stay away, but sometimes they still get near us, and then things can go wrong. If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, you need to learn about commercial truck accident attorneys in New Hampshire. As the driver of an automobile or a small vehicle like a motorcycle, you’re no match for a commercial truck. There are many safety rules and regulations that commercial truck drivers are obligated to follow, but they don’t always obey. When accidents happen, it’s often because of someone’s negligence, and that’s why it’s smart to hire expert legal representation when you’ve been hurt in an accident involving a commercial truck.

Commercial Truck Accident Laws

Commercial trucks are big and heavy, and because they travel at high speeds, they can hurt and kill others. A good truck accident attorney understands commercial truck accident laws. The operation of commercial trucks is regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA. Because trucks are very dangerous vehicles, there are standards for training inexperienced drivers. There are also limits on the number of hours in a given time that a driver can drive so that he does not become excessively fatigued. Loading techniques are specified in the law so that cargoes are not unevenly distributed, increasing the likelihood of an accident. Drug and alcohol use while driving a commercial truck is strictly prohibited. Trucks that carry hazardous materials must be specially marked with industry-accepted symbols for their cargo contents and must follow all related safety rules. These laws are comprehensive because commercial trucks are dangerous unless driven safely, and a skilled truck accident attorney in New Hampshire will understand them all.

Causes of Truck Accidents

There are many things to consider in the driving, care, and maintenance of commercial trucks. If any of these things are ignored, they can become causes of accidents.  If a truck driver puts the brakes on too fast and too hard, the truck can jackknife, meaning that the trailer portion of the truck skids around to the front, hitting any cars nearby.  A tire that has been poorly maintained can have a blowout, causing the truck to skid all over the freeway. If a truck should stop too quickly, a car that is behind it can under ride its trailer, killing the driver of the car. Truck drivers must be skilled and well-trained to handle the big rigs in traffic, and commercial trucks need to be kept in good working order to be safe on the roads. An expert commercial truck accident attorney in New Hampshire can evaluate your case if you’ve been hurt in a truck accident to find out if negligence was involved in its cause.

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