18-Wheeler Accident Attorney in New Hampshire

When an 18-wheeler truck collides with a vehicle, the driver and passengers of the vehicle are almost always the ones to suffer the most. An 18-wheeler accident attorney in New Hampshire knows that a car or motorcycle is no match for an enormous truck that weighs many times more. There are millions of 18-wheelers that are driven on the highways in the United States, and you will see them on freeways and highways driving alongside you almost everywhere you go. Truck drivers can be rushed to deliver their loads to their destinations, and safety rules may be violated, endangering your life and the lives of other drivers. A skilled 18-wheeler accident attorney understands the laws that regulate the activity of these huge vehicles and can help you recover the appropriate amount of compensation if you’ve suffered an injury.

Causes of 18-Wheeler Accidents

There are many causes of 18-wheeler accidents. Unfortunately, some trucking companies have delivery goals that are overly demanding and unrealistic, yet they expect their drivers to meet them. This can cause drivers to be overly fatigued or distracted, leading to a tragic outcome. An 18-wheeler driver may also be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Large trucks like 18-wheelers may carry huge loads of cargo, up to 80,000 pounds. If this cargo isn’t properly secured and begins to shift around, the consequences can be terrible. Speeding is also a major cause of 18-wheeler accidents because the length of time it takes to stop an 18-wheeler is 40% greater than the time it takes for an automobile to stop. The equipment on an 18-wheeler may also be defective, causing the truck to fail while on the road. Trucking manufacturers and companies are responsible for safely maintaining these huge vehicles so that they do not kill innocent drivers.

Your Rights when Injured by an 18-Wheeler

If you’ve been hurt in a truck accident, you need to know your rights. If the driver of the truck or the trucking company were negligent, and their negligence was a cause of the accident, you’re entitled to compensation. The amount of compensation that you can recover will depend upon the causes of the accident, the driving record of the truck driver, and the severity of the injuries to the parties who were hurt. Don’t make the mistake of accepting an early offer of compensation from a truck driver insurance company or trucking company that is too low and that does not pay enough to cover all of your losses and injuries. You have the right to hire an 18-wheeler accident attorney who will use his knowledge of trucking safety laws to obtain the maximum possible amount of compensation for you in New Hampshire.

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